Catherine Bracy is the Director of Community Organizing at Code for America. Until November 2012, she ran the Obama campaign's technology office in San Francisco where she recruited technology volunteers to build software for the campaign. She also worked on outreach for Tech4Obama, the campaign's technology affinity group. Previously: Knight Foundation, Berkman Center.
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OK, it’s not really a musical. But it is a comedy. I’d feel a lot sadder about it if it didn’t perfectly encapsulate the point I made a few weeks back about the ridiculous bubble mentality of Silicon Valley. 

When I do write the musical, I’m definitely stealing this line: “Sadly, we live in a world where race still is an issue because some folks haven’t made the leap.”

PS: the title of this post is actually a link (crazy, right?!) to the post I’m referencing. It’s recommended reading, if only to learn how not to talk about race.

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